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    "You arrange more people. If the other side dares to run away, shoot and seriously wound him, but don't kill him. This is an underground party radio station. You are absolutely not allowed to run away!" Nan Zao Yunzi immediately made a decision.

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    If it is not said clearly, if it is not explained clearly, these words must be said first, lest these people think that they have Ly The Quan's support and do immoral things.

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    “This girl is grown up, it seems to me that she is interested in the boss!” Duong Thinh Lam took out a pack of American Camel cigarettes, took out a cigarette and lit it.

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    Such a great war in Beiping, Kawashima Yoshiko is a camel and thinner than a horse, there will definitely be news, the problem now is how to deal with Nakajima Naruko.

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    "The people in the Secret Service Headquarters are simply thugs. They have turned the social order of the entire Shanghai stock market into a miasma. This will pose great hidden dangers to interests of the Japanese Empire in the Shanghai stock market." Takagi Haobo said with a frown.

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    "It's very expensive. They not only want to give me a gift, but also give a gift to Li Shiqun, moreover they also want to manage the relationship with the Japanese. It is estimated that when the director position is stabilized, The assets that will be accumulated by the three of them in the Shanghai stock market will be basically the same. It is empty, but after carefully calculating the input and output ratio, this small amount is really worth it. price!"

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    Suspecting that he was only suspected of revealing a secret, Hua Due Duong immediately decided to send news to the bureau's headquarters as usual. This matter was related to the battle situation in the ninth theater, just need Big Boss. If there is a way, he will not suspect that the secret is leaked.

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    Chief of Staff, this secretary general is so courageous. Even President Tran came here personally, without exaggeration. He's just the police chief, not the chief of staff. Isn't that a bit excessive? ?" Zhang Yingkui, head of the Said secretariat.

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    But Xu Ruiyang is the main invitee of this event, so he must be there, since Oki Shigeru is here, Nami Toshiro, as the commander of the Shanghai Gendarmerie, must also come to welcome him, and Former lieutenant general Shirokura Yoshi Wei invited him, and it would have been rude for him not to come, so this formation was created.

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    Nan Zao Yunzi couldn't restrain her suspicions, even if she knew that doing so would offend Xu Ruiyang, with the good of the empire in mind, she decided to rush in to take a look.

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    Just now, Hua Due Duong came to his office. There happened to be an urgent matter that needed to be resolved, so he left Hua Due Duong to wait at Truong Quang Kiet's office.

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    Cheng Muhe, as the head of the intelligence department of the Beijing-Shanghai Special Station, wanted to be with a traitor. The power of this thunder was a bit too strong, and the small body of the deputy station chief could not Unable to bear it, Sirius could only explain it to boss Dai.

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    Also, who is Li Shiqun now? With the support of Akage Zuozhen and Qingqi Qingyin, she was favored by the military headquarters and the 13th army headquarters. Unexpectedly, she was an army major. She worked for the investigation department, why? The secret service wants her? Money?

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    The idea of Shibuya Saburo, the head of the Japanese secret service, is indeed very feasible. As long as it is a stranger entering the country, if police stations everywhere detect anything suspicious, they will ask the police there. central region. China and North China for verification, as well as the police system in the region.

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    She was surprised to discover that outside the restaurant on the second floor there was actually a private entourage of the head of the secret service, she was most familiar with Naoto Matsuzaki's secret officer Hirano Masaru, and the constitutional commander. new soldier, Lieutenant General Shirokura. Yoshie, Tadanobu Hashimoto also knew him.

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    Their skills are quite good, Japanese secret agents and puppets are both on duty, so they can easily get into their rooms. In fact, this method has been proven to be very effective.

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    Because the collection of Pearl Harbor's topography, number of ships, defensive measures, weather data, hydrography, and unusual conditions was completed by the intelligence agency of the Naval Command,

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    Sir, this group of gangsters is very familiar with the route of armored vehicles, their actions are very bold, but their method of operation is extremely clumsy. I think this was definitely not done by anti-Japanese elements, but by insiders or gang members. Yes. Xu Ruiyang said.

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    Great, Sirius has only been in Peiping for a few days? He had obtained so much information. Whether it was the battle plans of the North China Front Army or fake fiat currency, it was the absolute secret of the Japanese military. This ability to collect information, others really cannot learn, but fortunately he is the most excellent agent of our Military Control Department! Mao Renfeng sighed and said.

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    Now I know that through the traitor Zhou Xiyuan, Wan Lilang has been eyeing the other party's accountant Chen Xianrong for a long time. He's afraid I'll share the credit with him! Damn it, how dare he treat me like that? Nan Zaoyunzi's expression was a little crazy.

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    However, as commander of the 1st Army, Yoshio Iwamatsu knew that there were large numbers of underground guerrillas and underground organizations in his territory, nearby Shaanxi province, and Yanzhou's base area. The underground party needed gendarmes to protect the interests of the empire.

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    It is possible to fight against small groups of Japanese troops or security regiments in suburban villages and towns, but if they attack transportation facilities and important military targets, the Japanese army will felt threatened and therefore mobilized heavy troops to carry it out. anti-guerrilla operations by the Loyalists and the National Salvation Army. Interdiction and suppression would deal a devastating blow to the guerrilla areas on the outskirts of Shanghai.

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    know you all hope to help me, but when searching for news you must be passive, you should not proactively ask for news, it's okay if you don't hear it, and your own safety is okay too. is the most important thing. You know what I mean? ? ” Xu Ruiyang said.

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    A group of men worked carelessly, their hands and feet were rough and uncomfortable. These rosewood and rosewood furniture, ancient calligraphy and paintings of the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties are all very valuable. Don't scratch them. Mo Haichang held a rag and wiped the table as he spoke.

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    "I don't doubt the training ability of Nakano school, but you have to adapt to the environment of the Shanghai stock market, especially the accent. The dialect here, no, the dialect in the entire Central region Chinese is the most troublesome. There are so many dialects in one place. I'm on a mission. When I'm talking, I almost go crazy with speech problems."

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    The Eleventh Army launched an attack on the Yamashiro government's ninth war zone. The aim was to restrain local troops and avoid putting pressure on Yangcheng and Gangcheng operations. Their mission is accomplished, why expand their operations? Tajima Hikotaro asked in surprise.